Karen’s research interests include:

Musical identity, particularly the musical identity of teachers.

Wellbeing through music interventions.

Qualitative research methods, particularly case studies and narrative enquiry as a research method

Karen recently completed her MA in Education achieving a disctinction with her final year dissertation entitled “The musical identities of early childhood music specialists:  An exploration of the contributory factors and how these identities relate to practice.”

Karen presented her research project “How does singing in a mother and child choir affect wellbeing, parenting and vocal interactions?” at MERYC UK in 2016.

At the  bi-annual european conference for Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children Karen will be presenting her research into maternal wellbeing through singing, and she will also be presenting her work on Musical Identities of Early Childhood Music Specialists as part of a symposium.  The proceedings will be published in June 2017.